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What is a Traveling Chiropractor?

Many of our patients prefer, and are able, to make appointments and be treated in our office.   But some of our patients are just too busy to take time out of their day to take care of themselves.   Some are busy professionals and some have long commutes and leave home very early and come home late. Some of our patients are stay-at-home moms who cannot find a window … [Read More...]

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Anti-aging and Weight Loss Center Opens in Union City

Announcing the opening of the Anti-Aging and Weight Loss Center in Union City, CA! Have you been struggling with your weight and tried every "diet" that you ever heard of and always seem to put the weight back on within a few months?  Well you are not alone! This year 75 million Americans will start a diet.   95 percent will fail.  Less than 5 percent will be … [Read More...]


The Typical Chiropractor Visit- What To Expect

The Typical Chiropractor Visit- What To Expect Many people experience medical office anxiety, whether it is a family doctor, dentist, or even a chiropractor.  Most of this anxiety can be relieved by simply knowing what to expect from your visit.  There are a lot of misconceptions about visiting a chiropractor that are simply not true, so here is the real scoop about … [Read More...]

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Ageloc Tru Face Essence Ultra

For Firmer, More Elastic Skin

Look Years Younger with Firmer Skin Every day you battle natural forces that cause sagging, loose skin. You’re also worried about free radicals and their damaging, aging effects on your skin. In the past you’ve spent too much time and money on treatment products that didn’t seem to help. Now you can fight the signs of aging with a targeted anti-aging product: Tru Face Essence Ultra. Leave undefined skin in the past and enjoy firmer, more youthful looking skin today—and … [Read More...]

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How do Toxins Create Fat?

  How do TOXINS create Fat? Once in your body, toxins do four things that help manufacture fat: 1. Slow down your metabolism. 2. Decrease your body’s ability to burn fat. 3. Slow down the time it takes for you to feel full (this is called the satiety response time). 4. Traps fat in the body. The problem is, your body simply wasn't built to deal with the toxins that you are constantly being bombarding with in today's world. This has never before occurred in the history of … [Read More...]

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